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Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

100 Seeds

$ 2.79

(Allium tuberosum) Perennial herb produces flat, garlic-flavored leaves well-suited for use as a flavor enhancer or garnish.  Garlic chives are among the first of our herbs to green up in the spring and after a long colorless winter, I'll admit that I sometimes go a little overboard, adding fresh garlic chives to almost every dish until my husband finally complains.  It's a perennial overindulgence that I am happy to repeat.  Plants are healthy and productive and leaves regenerate quickly after cutting.  Produces white clusters of flowers which eventually give rise to small, black seeds.  Garlic chives reproduce by rhizomes and by self-seeding, making them an excellent ground cover or edging plant.  100 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE: Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Plant seeds 1/4" deep in pre-moistened seed starting mix. Under ideal conditions, germination will occur in 7-14 days. While not absolutely necessary, germination may be enhanced by cold stratifying for two months. Set transplants outdoors anytime in mid-spring through early summer. Plants should be spaced 1ft in all directions. Garlic chives prefer full sun, but will tolerate a good deal of shade.

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