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Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Purple Top White Globe Turnip


$ 2.79

(Brassica rapa)   Purple Top White globe is a classic turnip variety.  If you're a turnip eater, the kind who can sit down with a bowl of boiled turnips and go to town, you're going to love Purple Top White Globe's flavor, which is perhaps similar to what you grew up with.  However if you are just getting into turnips, perhaps not a huge fan but suspect you could be if you grew your own, we'd suggest you start with "Gold Ball", which albeit smaller and slightly less productive, has a more mild, sweet flavor.  But for those hardcore turnip lovers looking for a sturdy, dependable turnip that can grow in the cracks of the sidewalk, patiently hold on through the most bitter of fall frosts, and fill your burlap bag of "snackin turnips," here's your ticket. 60 days to harvest.  250 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE:  Sow seed outdoors as soon as soil can be worked.  Plant seeds 1/4" deep, 1" apart in rows 18-24" apart.  After germination has occurred (5-7 days) thin to one plant every 4-6".  Fall planting produce the sweetest, most tender turnips.  Sow fall plantings approximately two months before first frost.

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