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Di Cicco Broccoli

Di Cicco Broccoli


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Di Cicco is a sprouting type broccoli meaning that it produces a smaller (5-7") head followed by many tender side shoots.  We prefer Di Cicco for spring planting because it offers such a wide harvest window.  Once the main head is cut, side shoots will produce for several weeks often into mid-June.  These side shoots are the perfect size for serving, just rinse them and prepare however you prefer.  50-70 days to harvest.  Approx. 100 seeds per packet.

CULTURE:  Sow seeds indoors approximately 3-4 weeks before desired transplant date.  Once germination has occurred it is best to keep air temperatures around 60 degrees to prevent bolting.  Transplant outdoors 12-18" apart in rows 18-36" apart.  Broccoli plants prefer temperatures between 55-75 degrees, but will tolerate much cooler temperatures and even some light frosts.  For this reason, spring and fall plantings produce the longest, most flavorful harvests.

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