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Early White Vienna Heirloom Kohlrabi

Early White Vienna Kohlrabi


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(Brassica oleracea) Heirloom variety produces green bulbs with crisp, white centers.  Has a mild, cabbage-like flavor and refreshing, crisp texture.  Unusual looking plants are fun for kids to grow and tender bulbous stems can be peeled and sliced into sticks making them the perfect snack.  Bulbs are best harvested at 2-3" in diameter.  60 days to harvest.  150 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE:  Sow seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost.  Sow seeds 1/4" deep in pre-moistened seed starting mix.  Keep moist until germination has occurred (7-14 days).  Transplant outdoors once soil temps have reached approximately 45-50 degrees.  Successive sowings can be made every 1-2 weeks throughout spring and fall.

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