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Sweet Spanish

Sweet Spanish


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(Allium cepa)  Long-day variety produces large, thick-necked onions with tawny yellow skins.  Can be harvested early in the season for spring onions or left until fall for large, sweet onions.  Stores for 2-4 months.  High tolerance to pink rot.  115 days to harvest.  50 seeds per pkt.

CULTURE:  Start indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost.  Sow seeds 1/4" deep in well moistened seed starting mix and cover with a plastic dome.  Set in a warm place and keep moist until germination has occurred (7-14 days).  Once most of the seed has germinated, remove the plastic top and give plants access to light (if not already) Trim tops down when they reach 4-5" to prevent them from becoming tangled.  After 4-6 weeks, transplant seedlings, either into the garden or into an intermediate container.  In new location, poke a 2-3" deep hole in the soil with a pencil, carefully tease apart seedling from tray and lower the seedling into the hole, burying 1/4" of stem.  Final spacing should be 2-3" between plants with rows 18" apart.  Fertilize regularly in spring and early summer.

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