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Thresh "Farmstead" Wild Garlic (Scapes)

Thresh "Farmstead" Wild Garlic (Scapes)

Wild Garlic

$ 7.99

(Allium sativum ssp. ophioscorodon)  We inherited this hardneck garlic variety when we purchased our 1880's farmstead from the family who had owned it for nearly 80 years.  Plants produce long, curled scapes which can be eaten fresh or left to develop into a cluster of small bulbils.  Given space, each plant will also develop respectable sized garlic bulbs of 4-7 cloves. Plants naturally propagate themselves through dispersed bulbils and seem to do quite well on their own.  Many of our plants have even survived a haircut or two from the lawnmower.  50 bulbils/pkg.  Ships in Fall.

Culture:  Best planted in fall.  Set bulbils 3" apart, 1/2" deep in rows 18" apart.  Thin to one plant every 6".  If grown solely for scapes, bulbils can be broadcasted and lightly raked into a prepared garden bed.  For scapes, harvest young stalks when bulbil clump is still immature.  At this stage, the leaf encasing the bulbils will be nearly white.  For mature garlic bulbs, let the stalk dry down and then gently lift bulbs using a potato fork.  Garlic heads will store approximately 3 months.

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