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Red Garnet Amaranth

Red Garnet Amaranth


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(Amaranthus cruentus) A beautiful flowering plant with a multitude of uses.  Microgreens can be harvested in as few as 15 days, colorful salad or wilting greens in 30-60 days, and nutritious "grain" in 85 days.  Deep red color intensifies with heat, giving the plants an ornamental appearance.  Beautiful seed heads are extremely attractive to birds. 15-85 days to harvest.  Approx. 150 seeds per packet.

CULTURE:  After danger of frost has passed, sow seeds 1/8" deep, 1/4" apart in rows 18" apart.  Germination can take 14-21 days at 70 degree soil temps, so be patient.  Thin to one plant every 6".  Thinned plants can be used in salads or on sandwiches.

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