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Rattlesnake Snap Pole Bean

Rattlesnake Snap Pole Bean

Snap/Shelling Bean (Pole)

$ 2.79

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Also known as "Preacher Bean", this pole-type variety produces bountiful and continuous yields of 7" long, purple-flecked beans. Young snap beans are tender and delicous, well-suited for steaming or canning. Beans can also be left to dry on the plant and harvested as a shelling bean. Dry beans resemble a pinto and can be used similarly. 65 days to harvest. 25 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE: After danger of frost has passed, sow seeds 4-6" apart, 1" deep in rows 24-36" apart. Under ideal conditions, germination will occur in 7-10 days.  For highest yield, harvest regularly.  Avoid touching plants while leaves are wet as this can spread disease.

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