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(Cucumis melo) Open-pollinated variety developed in 1944 by Dr. Henry Munger of Cornell University.  Plants produce nice yields of old-fashioned looking melons with wide ribs and coarse netting.  Melons average 8" and have lovely orange flesh surrounded by a vibrant green rind.  Very fragrant and sweet, rating higher on the brix scale than most other varieties.  Fusarium resistant.  80 days to harvest.  25 seeds per packet.

CULTURE:  Direct sow seeds outdoors 2 weeks after last frost, once soil temps have reached 70 degrees.  Sow 3-5 seeds per hill with 2 to 4 feet between hills and to 3 to 4 feet between rows.  Under ideal conditions germination will occur in 5-8 days.  Melons are ready to harvest once the melon "slips" from the vine when gently tugged.  Don't leave them too long, however, as ripe melons have a sweet aroma that attracts insects.

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