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Companion planting benefits arugula. Plants like bush beans fix soil nitrogen and offer shade, protecting arugula from harsh sun rays and moisture loss. Alliums (onions, garlic, chives) deter pests and add flavor. Swiss chard complements arugula, sharing a preference for moist soil. Spinach and arugula, both cool-weather greens, thrive together. Lettuce provides arugula shade while enhancing salad flavors. Carrots offer vital shade, preventing arugula bolting. Beets, with roots underground, don't compete with arugula for nutrients and offer shade. Cucumbers shield arugula from harsh sunlight. Herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, basil, and dill repel pests and attract beneficial insects. Borage, providing shade and deterring flea beetles, fosters a thriving garden ecosystem alongside arugula. More

Arugula Companions