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Balsam Pear (Bitter Melon)

Balsam Pear (Bitter Melon)

Bitter Melon

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(Momordica charantia) Tropical vine produces bizarre, green warty fruit that ripen to yellow-orange before bursting open to reveal slimy, red-coated seeds.  Widely grown in parts of Asia and Africa where it is used in traditional cuisine as well as in medicine.  This particular strain originates from Thomas Jefferson's collection at Monticello.  Fruit have a very bitter taste and are best eaten while still green and crunchy.  Vines grow 12-15 feet.  60-70 days to harvest.  10 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE:  After danger of frost has passed, sow seeds 1ft apart, 1/2" deep along a trellis or fence line. Germination can be improved by soaking seeds for 24 hours prior to sowing. Under ideal conditions, seedlings will emerge in 7-14 days.

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