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Mammoth Melting Snow Pea

Mammoth Melting Snow Pea

Snow Pea

$ 2.79

(Pisum sativum)  Heirloom variety dating back to 1896 produces deliciously sweet, flat pods reaching up to 5" in length.  Vines reach approximately 54" and are especially disease resistant.  Superbly flavored pods are high in vitamins B and C, Magnesium, Iron, and Thiamine.  74 days to harvest.  Approx. 50 seeds per packet.

CULTURE: Peas prefer cool weather.  As soon as soil can be worked, plant seeds 2" apart, 1" deep in rows 18" apart. Seeds germinate in 7-10 days. Plants do not require trellising, although doing so will make for easier harvesting.

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