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Gray-Headed Coneflower

Gray-Headed Coneflower

100 Seeds

$ 2.79

(Ratibida pinnata) Also known as Gray-Headed Coneflower, this native wildflower produces beautiful clumps of cheerful yellow flowers. Often found on country roadsides where they may form thick stands of color. Flowers have gray-green centers surrounded by drooping yellow petals. Centers turn brown once mature. Each plant grows 3-5ft tall and produces up to twelve heads. 100 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE: Can be direct seeded fall through mid-winter. For spring sowing, cold-stratify seed in a wet paper towel for at least two months. Sow seeds 1/8" deep into a prepared garden bed and water thoroughly. Plants require little care once established. Prefers full sun.

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