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Country Fence Row Hollyhock

Country Fence Row Hollyhock

50 Seeds

$ 2.79

(Alcea rosea)  Old-time flower that once lined fence rows and ditches of farmsteads across America.  Produces long spikes of large 4-5" white, pink and burgundy flowers with delicately scalloped edges.  Plants grow 5-8ft tall and bloom over a long period of time.  Hollyhocks are biennials and therefore will not flower until the second year.  For annual displays of blooms, sow seed two consecutive years.  Although plants are short-lived, they self-seed readily and may establish showy colonies that persist in the landscape for years.  50 seeds per pkt.

Culture:  Sow seeds in full to part sun one week before last frost.  Ample airflow is necessary to minimize disease.  Once established, plants should be spaced at least 18" in all directions.  Tall plants may require staking.

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