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Yugoslavian Red Butterhead Lettuce

Yugoslavian Red Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce

$ 2.79

(Lactuca sativa) One of the most beautiful lettuces we offer, Yugoslavian Red is a butterhead type lettuce with green leaves that turn red when exposed to the sun. As the head develops, the leaf margins of the inner whorls are exposed to light, creating sun-kissed crimson red centers. Just a breathtaking lettuce. Excellent flavor and a texture that is common to butterhead types-- crisp, but not watery and soft, but not limp. 55 days to harvest. 150 seeds/pkt.

CULTURE: After danger of frost has passed, sow seeds 4-6" apart, 1/8" deep in rows 18-24" apart. Under ideal conditions, germination will occur in 2-14 days.  For best yield, harvest by cutting individual leaves from the plant, leaving the growing tip intact.

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