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Mung Bean

Mung Bean

Mung Bean

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(Vigna radiata)  Belonging to the legume family, mung beans exhibit a growth habit similar to cowpeas and develop a tough, pubescent pod similar to soybeans.  Easy-to-grow plants produce clusters of thin green pods that mature to a dark coffee color, making them easy to spot.  Shiny, olive-green beans are borne 14-16 per pod and can be sprouted, cooked whole, or split like a lentil.  High in potassium, magnesium, folate, fiber, and vitamin B6.  80-90 days to harvest.  Approx. 100 seeds/pkt.

Notice:  1.  The seeds we sell have not been sterilized and therefore are not intended for human consumption.  2.  We cannot ship mung bean or soybean varieties to Idaho.

Culture:  This warm-season crop requires at least 100 frost-free days for optimum yield.  After danger of frost has passed, sow seeds 2" apart, 1" deep in rows 36" apart.  Pods mature over a period of several weeks and should be harvested continuously.

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